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Listing a new residential building constructed for rental purposes

Sometimes, a building constructed for rental purposes may be repurposed in the 24 months following the completion of work, and its units may be sold instead of rented. In the interest of ensuring adequate coverage for buyers and fair treatment for contractors, GCR would like to share with you the procedure for buildings constructed for rental purposes.

An accredited contractor that constructs a building for rental purposes, whether or not it is held in divided co-ownership, for the business itself and on land that it owns, must list its building project with GCR, free of charge. This is not the same thing as registration. The project’s status in the GCR registry will be on hold for 24 months and GCR will follow up with the project during this period of time.


If the business sells the building to a beneficiary in the 24 months following the completion of work, it must inform GCR by registering the building. Registration fees for this building will have to be paid in the 30 days following the sale. Failure to abide by the prescribed time limits could result in late fees.

→ Consult the registration fees (in french)


As stipulated in the Quebec policy on tariffs and recognition of the quality of the construction, the manager sets the premium based on the risk that the contractor and the project pose, and the services that will be required as a result. Unregistered buildings initially intended for rental purposes are not subjected to the GCR risk reduction program during construction. This increased risk results in an additional registration premium equal to 50% of the usual fee.

→ Review the details in this PDF (in french).


  1. Ensure adequate coverage for all guarantee plan beneficiaries.
  2. Ensure fair treatment across projects and contractors when it comes to building registration.
  3. Maintain sound risk management.
  4. Set registration fees proportional to the level of risk for projects that were not subject to the GCR risk reduction program.

How do you list a building constructed for rental purposes?

To list a building constructed for rental purposes, you must use the latest version of the dynamic PDF registration form available in the GCR Zone.

Fill out the form and make sure to check the rental (LOCATIF) box in the building description (DESCRIPTION DU BÂTIMENT) section.


If you have any questions, please email us at enregistrement@garantiegcr.com or call us at 514‑657‑2333.

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