Accredited Business Directory

Our Business Directory of new residential construction is here to help you make an informed decision!

With the Directory, you can make sure that the contractor you choose to build your new home is accredited with GCR, as the law requires (for qualifying buildings). You’ll also get the following information about a business:

  • GCR accreditation status and duration
  • GCR accreditation number
  • RBQ licence number and licence subclass(es)
  • Number of points of non-compliance found upon inspection in the last two years, categorized by level of seriousness
  • Number of claims filed and admitted
  • Number of claims filed and recognized for each address
  • Number and item type (apparent or non-apparent poor workmanship, latent (hidden) defect, construction defect, etc.) of claims admitted for each address of a work site
  • Arbitration decisions, if any
  • Addresses of all buildings constructed by the business and registered with GCR

Search the Directory now! (in french only)

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