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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - The zone GCR

This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) has been designed to help you browse your Zone GCR.


How do I submit my financial statements or other documents requested by GCR?

Under the My GCR (Mes démarches) tab, you can use the Submit documents (Déposer mes documents) box on the right side of the page to submit or upload documents. Select the documents you want to send and click Submit (Soumettre). Only documents in PDF format will be accepted.


Is it safe to submit confidential documents?

To keep your documents confidential, we use secure servers and no longer allow documents to be accessed once they have been received by the GCR Zone. Only documents in PDF format will be accepted.


Why are documents I need to submit shown to the right of the My GCR (Mes démarches) tab without any more information?

These documents are required to finalize your renewal process. You should have also received an email with these requests and the deadline for documentation. Check your inbox and junk mail.


What does the state of my accreditation record mean?


Your accreditation is active.

Awaiting renewal (En attente de renouvellement)

You must fill out your renewal application and pay the associated invoice.

Processing (En traitement)

GCR has received your renewal form and is processing it as quickly as possible. Check your emails and the My GCR (Mes démarches) tab regularly.


Your accreditation is closed.


Why can’t I fill out the renewal form?

You can access the renewal form starting 60 days before your membership expires. If you already submitted the form to GCR, you cannot fill it out a second time. You can, however, download your responses by clicking on the Download my completed form (Télécharger mon formulaire complete) link in the Renewal (Mon renouvellement) box.


How do I change a renewal form that I have already submitted?

If you find an error in a renewal form that you have already submitted, email Accreditation Services at accreditation@garantiegcr.com.


Do I need to submit a new personal balance sheet?

You must provide a new personal balance sheet every three years. If there has been a significant change in your personal financial situation, GCR asks that you provide an update even if your personal balance sheet was submitted less than three years ago. You can ask when your latest personal balance sheet expires by emailing accreditation@garantiegcr.com.


I just paid my online invoice with the unique payment code, but it still appears in the My GCR (Mes démarches) tab.

Please allow 48 working hours for online payments and additional time for cheque payments due to postal service delays.


How do I access my certificate of accreditation?

The certificate is being emailed to you. Soon, you will be able to access it online through the My documents (Mes documents) tab on the Accreditation page.


What are the three tabs in the list of my projects?

1 – New projects (Nouveaux projets)

The project was entered into your GCR Zone, but GCR has not yet received a registration form. Don’t forget to register your project before the deadline.

2 – Projects in progress (Projets en cours)

A registration request has been sent to GCR, but work is ongoing or the units have not yet been sold.

3 – Completed projects (Projets completes)

  • Projects for which you provided GCR with all of the necessary proofs of sale or proofs of completion of work.
  • Rental developments, as they have no guarantee if they are not sold in the 24 months following the completion of work.
  • Projects that are considered closed.


What do the different project conditions mean?

– Entered (En saisie)

You have not yet sent your request for registration to GCR. Your project must be registered by the time the first of these events occurs:

  • The first contract is signed
  • Construction permits are issued
  • Construction work begins on the building to be registered

– Submitted (Soumis)

You sent GCR the information to register your project, but it has not yet been accepted. You will receive confirmation of your registration shortly.

– Registered (Enregistré)

GCR accepted your project and the guarantee is active.

– Closed (Fermé)

The project was cancelled or a release of guarantee was issued.


Why does my project appear as in progress even though it has been completed?

For your project to be considered completed, you must have provided GCR with the following documents:

  • The sales contract (preliminary or business)
  • The guarantee contract
  • The end of work notification
  • The copy of your pre-acceptance inspection

Coming to the Zone GCR!

A new feature will be debuting soon for your project sheets that you can use to stay informed of all the information GCR needs for each of your projects.


I submitted a project, but it is not showing in my projects in progress.

If you submitted a project and it is not showing in your projects in progress, please call our customer service at 514-657-2333 or 1-855-657-2333, option 2.


I sent a registration form by mail or email, but my project isn’t visible.

It takes longer to process registration requests sent by mail or email than uploaded directly to the GCR Zone. Please be patient and wait a few days before inquiring about a project submitted by mail or email.

Project registration

How can I register a new project in the GCR Zone?

  1. Select the New project (Nouveau projet) tab on the left in the GCR Zone main menu
  2. Complete every required field to provide information related to your project. The sheet for your project is automatically opened when it is created.
  3. If you exit the sheet for your new project, you can later find it on the Project (Projet) page under the New projects (Nouveaux projets) tab by selecting the relevant project.
  4. Register the project under the My GCR (Mes démarches) tab. You can save your form as a draft and come back to it later.


Do I have to register a minimum number of projects to keep my account active?

Your account will remain active at all times, and you do not need to register a minimum number of projects.


How do I register projects held in co-ownership?

It is not yet possible to register projects held in co-ownership in the GCR Zone. You can download the necessary forms on the Forms (Formulaires) page, accessible at the bottom of the GCR Zone main menu on the left of the page.


Why can’t I register a project with more than four portions stacked one above the other?

In accordance with the Regulation respecting the guarantee plan, this kind of building is not covered by Garantie de construction résidentielle (GCR).

→ See the list of which buildings are covered.

Project sheet

How do I prepare prefilled contracts for my buyers?

You can enter buyer information in your project sheet using the My contracts (Mes contrats) tab by selecting the Identify my buyers (Identifier mes acheteurs) link.

Once you have filled out information about your buyers, you can download prefilled sales contracts or guarantee contracts.


Why do I have to keep the scheduled stages of work up to date?

The dates scheduled for stages of work are important for planning inspections. Keeping your schedule updated allows us to better plan the inspections required for your project.


I made a mistake on a form I filled out. How do I re-submit it?

Email Registration Services at enregistrement@garantiegcr.com with all of the relevant information: the current project name, the registration number, the change requested, the reason for the change and the modified registration form in PDF format.

You can also request a minor alteration (spelling, for example) by calling our customer service at 514‑657-2333 or 1-855‑657-2333, option 2.


Can I personalize my projects?

The Zone GCR has a standardized format for viewing projects, and they cannot be personalized.


How do I change incorrect information?

If your project is still being drafted, you can change information at any time.

If your project has already been submitted to GCR, you can only change scheduled work dates and buyer information. For any other changes to a project, you must email Registration Services at enregistrement@garantiegcr.com.

If you change a project’s buyers, make sure you send GCR the new sales contracts and guarantee contracts, along with the cancellation form for the previous contract, all signed and dated. You can do this through the GCR Zone.


Can I pay my invoices through the GCR Zone?

You can pay your invoices through your financial institution’s website (limited to Desjardins and National Bank). You can find the unique payment code directly in the GCR Zone, in the list of your invoices. It also appears at the top right of your invoice.


Can I pay multiple invoices online at the same time?

Yes, you can pay multiple invoices through your financial institution’s website (limited to Desjardins and National Bank). Just enter the payment code for one of the invoices you want to pay and the total amount of your statement of account.


What is a payment code?

The payment code lets you pay invoices online through your financial institution’s website (limited to Desjardins and National Bank). You enter the code when you pay your invoice.


I can’t find an invoice that I received.

If you can no longer find an invoice, please call our customer service at 514‑657-2333 or 1‑855‑657-2333, option 2.


I paid an invoice, but it still appears as unpaid.

Please wait 48 working hours for online payments to be processed. Cheque payments can take even longer due to postal service delays.


Where can I find information on charges that I have been invoiced?

If you have any questions about registration fees, please call our customer service at 514‑657‑2333 or 1-855-657-2333, option 2, or see the Registration fees section of our website.

General information

How do I change my password?

You can change your password by clicking on the icon at the top right of the GCR Zone to access the My information (Mes informations) section.

You can see the information you have entered before you submit it by clicking on the small eye icon to the right of your password.


How do I change my contact information?

You cannot change your contact information through the GCR Zone. Please file a request by emailing accreditation@garantiegcr.com, and our agents will make the necessary checks to change your contact information.


How to I give one of my employees access to my account?

Your employee must be registered as a contact in your accreditation records. If they are not, you must make a formal request by filling out the proxy form (in french).


How do I send documents to GCR?

You can send project documents using the project sheet.

The Submit documents (Déposer mes documents) box on the right side of the page lets you submit or upload documents. Select the document you want to send and click Submit (Soumettre). Only documents in PDF format will be accepted.

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