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Buildings covered

The Regulation respecting the guarantee plan for new residential buildings applies to buildings covered by a contract between an accredited contractor and a beneficiary for the sale or construction of the building.

The guarantee plan ensures that the contractor must fulfill a number of obligations, and covers the following types of new residential buildings exclusively:

  • Detached, semi‑detached or row-type single‑family house
  • Multifamily building held in divided co‑ownership (condo) of no more than four stacked private portions
  • Multifamily building of two to five units, held in undivided co‑ownership (intergenerational, duplex, triplex, etc.)

Special case : Self-built homes

Self-built homes are not generally covered by GCR.

Therefore, a self-builder who organizes and coordinates the construction of a new residential building, whether performing the work alone or hiring a specialized contractor to perform it, cannot be covered by the guarantee plan.

The situation changes if the self-builder hires a contractor to organize or coordinate the work fully or partially. In this case, the contractor will be considered to be acting as a general contractor. The contractor must hold a subclass 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 licence, be accredited under the guarantee plan and register the project with GCR (even if the invoice is issued under the name of the self-builder).

Accredited Business Directory

To make sure a building is registered with GCR, you can consult our Accredited Business Directory. The directory also contains other information on new residential construction companies.

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