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Follow-up with incidents of non-compliance found on site

When incidents of non-compliance are found on site, technical professionals tasked with follow-up ensure that the contractor corrects the incidents of non-compliance.

Follow-up inspection

Follow-up inspections can be carried out when GCR deems it necessary. Reasons for follow-up inspections include:

  • The risk associated with an incident of non-compliance found on site is deemed abnormally high.
  • The proof documenting corrections made to incidents of non-compliance is deemed insufficient.
  • It is necessary to verify the contractor’s corrections.
  • There is a lack of collaboration and follow-up from the contractor.
  • When needed

Additionally, under certain conditions and depending on the number of inspections to be planned, GCR may take into account inspections carried out by other professionals and under other programs. A blower door test, professional reports for LEED construction or Novoclimat 2.0 or attestations by professionals that construction is compliant could be sufficient and reduce the number of inspections that GCR must conduct.

Incidents of non-compliance identified must be corrected within 10 days after the inspection report has been sent.

To allow for adequate follow-up, GCR requires a detailed description of the work and one of the following:

  • Photographic evidence of corrections
  • Video evidence
  • An attestation from a professional

If there is no compelling evidence that can be used to assess the corrective work, the technical professional may need to conduct a follow-up visit.

The process for following up with inspection reports begins when corrections are not received:

  • Initial automatic email notification: 10 working days after the report has been sent
  • Second automatic email notification: 20 working days after the report has been sent
  • Past these deadlines and in the absence of adequate evidence of the corrective work, GCR will be obliged to consider the elements as being “uncorrected”.

Two-way communication between GCR and contractors is always preferable. When corrective work cannot be done within the prescribed time limit, it is the contractor’s responsibility to inform the GCR inspector directly on site or contact the technical professional responsible for follow-up. At this time, a reasonable timeline for corrective work must be presented to GCR and the contractor must commit to this timeline.

If the contractor does not collaborate or provide evidence of corrective work, the contractor’s case is transferred to accreditation. GCR may then request additional guarantees from the contractor at fault to cover the risk, and the contractor’s rating could be downgraded by up to 10 points. If the situation is serious enough to warrant it, GCR could cancel the contractor’s membership and report the contractor to RBQ.


How do I provide documents to GCR?

To ensure effective follow-up with incidents of non-compliance found on site, please:

  • Write a different email for each inspection to suivi@garantiegcr.com.
  • Enter the inspection number in the subject line.
  • Attach the evidence of corrections that you have made (photographs, video, sketches or relevant documents).
  • Explain the corrections in detail.



The corrections made must be clearly visible in the photographs provided. GCR can refuse to consider corrective work if the evidence provided is unclear or insufficient.

Best practices:

  • Take wider shots AND close-ups
  • Take photographs step by step

Do not:

  • Take pictures that are too close up, without any wider shots
  • Take blurred pictures
  • Take pictures of another site

For more information about our planning inspections, watch this video:


Options for presenting your corrections

You must always attach detailed explanations of the corrections you have made to your photographs or video of the corrections. To make it easier for you, GCR offers three options for presenting your corrections:

  1. Detailed description: write a detailed description of each of the corrections in the email with your photographs.
  2. Annotated report: describe your corrections directly on the inspection report, take a picture of it and send it in the email with your photographs.
  3. Sketch: draw a sketch of your corrections, take a picture of it and send it in the email with your photographs.


→ How to follow up with incidents of non-compliance found on site.

If you have any questions, call our Inspection Services at 1‑855‑657-2333 or 514‑657-2333, ext. 170 | suivi@garantiegcr.com

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