2022 Inspection Program

Garantie de construction résidentielle (GCR) is proud to announce its 2022 Inspection Program, which marks a major shift in how new dwellings will be inspected in Quebec.

Inspection program

This program is in line with the goals of the Policy on inspection, which aims to ensure quality construction, prevent defects and poor workmanship, and reduce potential claims. The policy is an additional tool for GCR to work toward its vision of guaranteeing quality construction for satisfied beneficiaries.

GCR is proud to present the eighth edition of its inspection program. As part of this program, GCR is committing to inspect 80% of new dwellings in 2022, with the goal of inspecting 100% of new dwellings in 2023.


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Two types of inspection

In 2022, 80% of new dwellings built will be subject to an inspection. This will increase to 100% starting in 2023, the first time since the establishment of the mandatory guarantee plan in 1999 that all dwellings will be subject to inspection. Two different types of inspections will be used to achieve this goal. Projects may also be inspected more than once, depending on the following factors:

  • Risks associated with the contractor
  • Type of construction
  • Materials and technology used
  • Time of year
  • Project location and region


360° inspection

During site inspections, inspectors verify the quality of construction. 360° inspections verify all of the accessible elements on the list of elements to be verified on site, approved by RBQ, at each project stage. The elements of construction that are verified are the elements set out in the construction plans, as well as what can be observed and accessed at the time of the site inspection and what obligations are set out in the contract.

Any incidents of non-compliance observed by the inspector must be mentioned on site to the contractor or its representative, as well as in the inspection report, which will be sent to the contractor within three working days.




Targeted inspection

In contrast with the 360° inspection, targeted inspections focus on specific elements, as the name implies. Targeted inspections may be called for in the following circumstances:

  • An issue is frequently brought up in consumer claims, so GCR visits sites to determine whether they have this problem.
  • GCR frequently observes an issue that affects the quality of construction and wishes to have this problem corrected.
  • GCR has discovered on‑site issue and is visiting other sites to determine whether they also have this problem.

Targeted inspections are carried out to support contractors and have no direct impact on the Cote Qualité GCR score. GCR will, however, need to follow up on any incidents of non-compliance that were observed on site and noted in the inspection report in order to ensure that the issues have been resolved.

In consideration of project risk levels and in accordance with the inspection policy, GCR will consider inspections performed by other parties and under other programs. GCR will also consider quality controls performed for the CAN/CSA-A277 standard and Novoclimat inspection reports for Select Group builders with a 100% certification rate.




Directly impacts the Cote Qualité GCR score Based on the list of elements to be verified on site Inspection report issued May require follow‑up from the contractor
360° INSPECTION Yes Yes Yes Yes

Correction of incidents of non compliance observed during an inspection

Incidents of non-compliance must be corrected

When incidents of non-compliance are observed on site during a 360° or targeted inspection, the contractor must perform corrective work within 10 working days of the inspection report being sent. Technical professionals tasked with follow‑up will ensure that this work is done.

To allow for adequate follow-up, GCR requires a detailed description of the work and one of the following:

Photographic evidence of corrections

  • Video evidence
  • An attestation from a professional
  • If there is no compelling evidence that can be used to assess the corrective work, the technical professional may need to conduct a follow-up visit.

→ Consult the webpage Follow-up with incidents of non-compliance found on site for more details

360° inspection: number of projects affected

In 2022, 80% of units built in Quebec will be subject to 360° or targeted inspections, and this number will increase to 100% in 2023. The following table shows the minimum rate of projects that will be subject to a 360° inspection, depending on the company’s Cote Qualité GCR score.


Cote Qualité GCR Score 360 Inspection minimum rate
AA 91 and + 20%
A 81 to 90 30%
B 71 to 80 40%
C 45 to 70 60%
D Less than 45 100%
N Unrated 100%


All condos will be subject to a 360° inspection

GCR’s risk management mandates a minimum number of inspections that must be conducted for projects held in divided co-ownership:

  • Multi-unit project with two floors: minimum of two inspections
  • Multi-unit project with three floors: minimum of three inspections
  • Multi-unit project with four floors: minimum of four inspections

In these circumstances, it is possible that the number of inspections may exceed the initially planned inspection target.

In the course of these inspections, GCR may evaluate new elements built since the last visit and follow up on incidents of non-compliance found during previous inspections, as need be.

Finally, GCR carries out systematic plan inspections in situations where plans are required under section 87 of the regulation. For the sake of prevention, when a registration application is filed for a multi‑unit project, inspections will be scheduled so that plans can be verified before construction begins.

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