The maintenance Guide for Residential Buildings Held in Co‑Ownership

Since it became the sole mandatory guarantee plan, Garantie de construction résidentielle (GCR) has developed a number of tools to improve residential construction quality in the province of Quebec and increase coverage for home buyers.

GCR is following up its first guide, the Maintenance Guide for new homes, with its new Maintenance Guide for Residential Buildings Held in Co‑Ownership. The primary audience for this guide is syndicates of co‑owners, who are responsible for ensuring the physical maintenance of common portions of the building.

More and more attention is being paid to the increasingly important topic of upkeep and maintenance on buildings held in co‑ownership, due to the steady growth in popularity of these kinds of homes and the creation of guarantees, as well as the technical and legal changes that the construction industry has undergone.

Common portions of a building are defined under the Regulation respecting the guarantee plan for new residential buildings (CQLR c. B-1.1, r. 8) as “those that are part of the building and that are listed in the constituting act of co-ownership or, in the absence of specific provisions in that act, those listed in article 1044 of the Civil Code” (C.c.Q.). According to the C.c.Q., “Those portions of the buildings and land that are owned by all the co‑owners and serve for their common use are called the common portions.” As an example, common portions are generally composed of the ground, yards, verandas or balconies, access ways, stairways, halls and passageways, doors and windows, elevators, foundations, main walls of buildings, common service areas, central heating and air conditioning systems, security systems and the piping and wiring, including that which runs through private portions.

Effective maintenance helps extend a building’s lifespan and ensures owners are compliant with regulations. Not only is this highly cost effective in the long term, it also gives building occupants with peace of mind. It is recommended that you perform regular inspections and maintenance, and reforms will soon be coming into effect that will require you to record such activities in a maintenance log.

This guide presents you with the tools and overviews you need to sort out the masses of relevant information and ensure your co‑owned building is soundly managed.

Happy maintenance!

Publication of the Guide

We are publishing the Maintenance Guide for Residential Buildings Held in Co‑Ownership one chapter at a time. Today’s chapter are A-Substructure and G-Building Sitework.


Equipment and components listed in this guide may differ from those found in your home. The information provided is generic and for guidance purposes. The Maintenance Guide for Residential Buildings Held in Co‑Ownership only covers, but is not limited to, a portion of building components. Its content does not replace the requirements and obligations defined in the Regulation respecting the guarantee plan for new residential buildings (B-1.1, r.8).

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