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The Zone GCR: the preferred platform for working with Garantie de construction résidentielle.

Cut the red tape!

Not only does the new contractor portal make it easier to conduct transactions and follow up with GCR, it helps you save time by reducing administrative work related to the guarantee plan and lets you keep track of your profile on an ongoing basis.

With this new platform, you can now:

  • Create new projects
  • Submit your registrations
  • View your invoices
  • Download your contracts
  • And more!

Access the Zone GCR

If you are identified as a primary contact in our accreditation records, you should have already received an email with your activation link.

If you have yet to receive an email, just follow these two quick and easy steps to access your account:

  1. The contractor, or the person registered as a contact in our accreditation records, must submit a request for access by emailing us at info@garantiegcr.com or calling us at 1-855 657-2333.
  2. Upon receiving the request, GCR will send an email with the sign-in link, and the person who made the request can create their password.
Important information

The person who requested access to the GCR Zone must be registered as a contact in the accreditation records. If you would like to register someone for your records, please fill out the proxy form (in french).

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