Retour Inspection

Role of inspection professionals

Answers contractors’ questions. Conducts site inspections at various points of the construction process and answers contractors’ questions. Answers contractors’ questions about incidents of non‑compliance identified in an inspection report.
Takes into consideration the type of building that the contractor plans to build and analyzes plans, previous inspection reports and any other available documents that can provide the contractor with guidance for its projects. Familiarizes themself with the type of building to be inspected, the plans and any other available documents and previous inspection reports, if there are any, in order to understand and evaluate the building. Analyzes the documents providing evidence of corrective work and determines if it is adequate and sufficient.
Places particular emphasis on situations identified by GCR. Pays special attention to situations identified by GCR. Asks questions or requests additional documents as needed.
Asks questions and investigates to prevent deficiencies; provides guidance to the builder. Works proactively to prevent deficiencies and provide guidance to the builder for the rest of the project. Puts the contractor and technical advisor in contact if there is a desire to find an efficient solution to prevent another deficiency.
Sends any relevant information. Identifies problems, communicates incidents of non-compliance and sends GCR data sheets to assist with continued understanding and improvement. Sends any relevant information to assist the contractor with corrections.
Provides technical support to the industry. Records incidents of non‑compliance in a report, after discussing them with the contractor or its representative. Contacts professionals involved and analyzes various documents provided in support of corrective practices.


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